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Guangzhou Jia Liang Minerals Co., Ltd.

Professional import and export of mineral products enterprises. South China professional powder filler supply enterprises. Set production and processing of new environmental protection powder fillers, self-produced and self sold talc powder, ultra-fine talc powder, self-produced and self sold silicon micro powder, active silicon micro powder, self-produced and self sold calcium carbonate, active heavy calcium carbonate, active light calcium carbonate, self-produced and self sold barite powder four filling material enterprises, self-owned mining integrated production and sales, product quality is more stable. At the same time, it is a professional powder filler enterprise selling famous powder filler.

Sales company is located in Guangzhou City, Baiyun District, Jianggao Town, No. 1, Yingchun Huaqiao south, Datian central street, with a large warehouse, to provide customers with zero inventory real-time order distribution services in South China.

Jia Liang Minerals Co., Ltd. has been providing customers with high quality and efficient service since its establishment.

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Main customers: Electrical resin pouring, electrical pouring, refractory, epoxy floor, sealant, copper clad laminate, coating production company, ink production company, rubber company, plastic products factory, cosmetics company, anti radiation engineering company, export company, trading company.

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